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You are on an independent information page for, which aims to inform openly and honestly about the service provided by GetMyAds and through which we want to share our experiences with you. If you decide to participate in GetMyAds, we would appreciate it if you signed up through our registration link and joined our team.

Apart from the fact that we, the operators of this website, are active members of, we aren't connected with in any other way. The name 'GetMyAds' and its logo are property of You can find more information about this in the imprint.

What does GetMyAds claim to be?


As the name 'GetMyAds' suggests, this is primarily a traffic network, which places adverts for you. This allows you to promote your website, an online shop, your social network profile, your Youtube channel, affiliate programs and much more. With this advertisement you get traffic (visitors) on the promoted web presence. You can popularize a website, or do some serious online marketing.
For example we promote this website by advertising via GetMyAds. You most likely came here through one of these adverts.


To book advertising, you must purchase tokens. A part of the purchase amount of a token is used directly to place adverts on Google, Facebook and other platforms, the other part flows into the so-called payback pool.
Each purchased token participates in the payback program. Meaning, for each token you get a certain amount paid back daily into your account. With this money you can buy more tokens, or have this money transferred to your bank account.


As a member of GetMyAds you can place adverts for GetMyAds itself. Anyone who signs up for GetMyAds through your affiliate link becomes a member of your team. For each token that one of your recruited team members purchases, you will also be credited with a certain amount to your balance. With this money you can either buy new tokens, or transfer it to your bank account.
If you are searching online for 'GetMyAds', you will find many websites created for this very reason, just to gain as many new members as possible for someone's own team. Unfortunately, these websites usually only inform very one-sided.
This website has also partly been created for this reason. If you sign up for GetMyAds using the menu in the top right corner, you will become a member of our team.

Educational Video for GetMyAds:

Although this video is a little dated, it provides detailed information about each aspect of GetMyAds.

Pyramid Scheme

Is GetMyAds a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Definiton, a pyramid scheme uses mainly the contributions from other users to facilitate the promised payouts, without earning profits/returns with the money paid. This means that such a system is only profitable for the operator as long as the entirety of the users deposits more money than it withdraws.
Such a system would depend on an endless and exponential growth for survival. Since this is not possible, pyramid schemes usually only have a short lifespan, depending on the promised profit (payback). In the end, someone loses what another has gained. Whoever comes first has the best chances to make a profit at the expense of the ones joining later.

The payback and affiliate program of GetMyAds certainly possesses certain characteristics of a pyramid scheme. As stated in the video above, the amount of repayments depends on the number of tokens in the so-called payback pool, and the reimbursement for a token bought by team members may be largely covered by the purchase amount of the token itself. As a direct consequence of slowed growth, the amounts repaid to the members would most certainly decrease - which is openly communicated by GetMyAds.

So, is GetMyAds only partially or completely a pyramid scheme?

This depends on whether GetMyAds doesn't just line its own pockets with the money paid and whether the customer (buyer of the token) receives a service in return besides the payback bonus. Specifically:

  • Is GetMyAds really able to produce profits with the customer's money, as stated in the video above?
  • Does GetMyAds place advertising for every token sold and thus generate traffic for the web presence of the customer?

We will hardly find a definitive answer to the first question, while the second question is relatively easy to answer ...

Does GetMyAds deliver on it's promise?

Does GetMyAds generate traffic for its customers?

Since we joined GetMyAds - mid-December of 2016 - we asked ourselves again and again whether the traffic bought with the token (visitors) really arrives at the promoted websites.
With the first 10 tokens we placed adverts for the Landing Page provided by GetMyAds to gain members for our team - which never led to visible results. Either people weren't interested in GetMyAds, the landing page doesn't seem trustworthy/is inefficient, or GetMyAds simply does not place ads.
After that we tried to promote an Android app on the Google Play Store - but Google's developer console for Android developers never recorded any additional traffic.

In order to answer this important question with certainty and that we could, in good conscience, recommend GetMyAds to others, we have created our own website for the above mentioned Android app. We've equipped this site with the visitor counter provided by StatCounter and promoted it through GetMyAds Advertising.

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Since mid-February of 2017, we have been using GetMyAds to advertise our prepared website - and to our astonishment, visitors were really beginning to arrive on the website.
Over a period of 33 days - February 19th to March 24th 2017 - the website has been visited almost 300 times.
With a token you can for example order 200 clicks on the placed advert. This theoretically equals 25 cents per click - 200 potential visitors for $50, the price of one token. Quite quickly, however, we noticed that a token never delivered 200 visitors to our website. According to the statistics of our GetMyAds account, almost 900 clicks were delivered, of which we can confirm around 300, using the statistics provided by StatCounter.
Over the observed period of time 1/3 of the ordered clicks found their way to our website. So this would result closer to 75 cents per click. However, it must be stated that sometimes the redirection from ads to our site might not work properly (Webbrowsers can block "suspicious" forwarding) and that the StatCounter does not register every visitor, since it either considers them to not be a real visitor, or the web browser (ad blocker) of an arriving visitor can prevent the StatCounter's code on our website from being run, and this results in the visitor not being registered by the StatCounter.
And if you don't only buy a single token, you can soon buy more tokens with the payback bonus.

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Are these Visitors really coming from GetMyAds?

To be able to safely say that GetMyAds is advertising for the customer and sends visitors to his site, we still have to confirm whether the occurring traffic really comes from the adverts placed by GetMyAds, or whether the visitors arrive some other way (Google, direct links, etc.) on our website.
Once again, the StatCounter can provide some answers and show that the majority of visitors arrive via a referral link which is definitely assigned to GetMyAds. It has to be stated that the advertised website went online early in February 2017, still cannot be found on Google (March 25th, 2017) and intentionally, for the first time, was directly linked to by the external link set here. This makes it quite difficult to stumble across the website, except via the advertisement of GetMyAds.


Real visitors or simply generated traffic?

Since we can now safely say that GetMyAds is actually placing adverts for the customer and sends visitors to his website, it is important to conclude whether these are real and interested visitors, or simply "artificial" traffic. Meaning, do real and interested people, like you or us, arrive at our website through the placed ads, or are those clicks bought somewhere (e.g. China), where they are executed by computers or people who click things for a living.
Again, the statistics of the StatCounter are helpful and show that as a matter of fact people of the targeted region (german-speaking area), from different providers (IPs) and with different devices visited our website. In itself this should suffice as evidence that it is not generated traffic, but real and interested visitors.


GetMyAds exhibits certain features of a pyramid scheme, but it actually delivers on what it promises: the customer receives real and interested visitors for the purchased tokens.
Even if no payback and affiliate program would exist, the customer would get some value from the invested money and could easily and with little effort get visitors to a web presence .
After some time and in combination with the payback and affiliate program, the continuous promotion through GetMyAds almost becomes self-propelled with no further financial effort required.

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Is GetMyAds an Investment Program?

Due to the payback and affiliate program, it is possible to use GetMyAds not only to advertise, but also to make more money than you originally invested. The above video demonstrates what is theoretically possible. There are many people who have earned real money using GetMyAds during the last year.

For these reasons, GetMyAds is usually propagated as an investment program and the actual purpose of promoting a web presence is mentioned (if at all) only in passing. Many members joined, who are barely interested in the advertisement itself. These members have purchased tokens, but they have not activated them (adverts ordered) to simply participate in the payback program.
To counteract this abuse, GetMyAds always points out that the payback bonus is just a bonus and not a guaranteed service and can change at any time. In addition, the payback bonus for non-activated tokens has now been reduced to near zero. That is, in order to get the full payback bonus, it is no longer enough to buy only tokens, you also have to book advertisement with these tokens. In addition, less active members seem to have less payback of late.


GetMyAds does not want to be an investment program and it isn't anymore.
GetMyAds is a platform to book advertisement.
Thanks to the payback bonus, it is possible, depending on the amount of the initial investment, to again and again book advertisement without spending more money.
And it is still possible to earn money with GetMyAds, but the user has to become active and recruit new customers/members.

Deposit and Withdraw:

Does GetMyAds actually pay out - no matter how large the amounts are?

This is a legitimate question. Since we have used all the money we get from the payback program to book more advertisement, we have not yet come around to make a withdrawal.
As soon as this changes, we will of course report on it here.

However, enough evidence can be found on Youtube that there are people who withdraw regularly five-figure amounts.

It was because of the high amounts that had to be paid out in the last half year that the financial service providers, with whom GetMyAds works, could/would hardly cope with the frequent and large amounts of money. To bypass this bottleneck, GetMyAds was/is striving to create new ways of handling deposits and withdrawals.

The following services are now available to make deposits:

  • My Mercury Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • advcash
  • Sofort Ɯberweisung
  • Creditcard (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Payeer

And the following services for withdrawals:

  • My Mercury Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Payeer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get paid out in Bitcoin yet.

Creating this website we hope to correct some of the many misinformation about GetMyAds. If you are still interested in GetMyAds, we would be very pleased if you signed up at GetMyAds via our registration link and joined our team.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We will endeavour to answer you to the best of our knowledge.